Outsourced CFO, tax & bookkeeping Services
for Fast-Growing Businesses

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

We give you the data and savvy counsel you need to forecast where your business is headed, and how to stay ahead.

Reduce Financial Blind Spots

Most growing businesses pay ~$10K too much in taxes. We’ll help you avoid those blind spots, costly mistakes, and protect your future.

Generate More Revenue

Our ultimate goal is to increase your revenue. We identify clever ways to save costs, streamline, and increase profits.

 Being Held Back By any Of These Issues?

Cash Flow Headaches?

Reporting Lag Time?


Not Sure If/Who To Hire?

Wasting Time & Money?

Most fast-growing businesses lack financial expertise due to the heavy cost required to hire that level of mastery. We provide the on-hand, financial counsel and proactive advice essential to successfully scale your business. Without this, not only is your growth severely hindered, but your business is also dangerously vulnerable.

At UPSIDE CFO, we want to help you. Our outsourced CFO, Tax & Bookkeeping services are designed and customized to reduce your stress, avoid costly disruptions, and allowing you the time you need to focus on growth. We provide precise and actionable financial data, clever tax planning & expert CFO consultation designed specifically to scale your business and increase your profits.


    • You can rest knowing you’ve got the best finance team working for you, without the hefty overhead of an in-house, master-level finance team.
    • No more cashflow headaches!
    • The confidence essential to make complex business decisions knowing you have thorough, up-to-date, and accurate data at your fingertips.

A fortune 500 finance department; affordable & at your fingertips

We’re UPSIDE CFO; your full-service, outsourced CFO, Tax, & Bookkeeping partner. As a firm, we bring 50+ years of knowledge in CFO-level financial consultation, master bookkeeping and creative tax plans. We utilize our knowledge & expertise to flawlessly transition your business to the next level.

Rest easy knowing our goal is to grow your wealth. You don’t need the capital and budget the big corporations use to save millions annually. We believe everyone deserves the same opportunity. By sharing information that’s known to few and taken advantage of by less, we give you the strategic edge you need. We join your finance team to offer direction, consultation and fill in any gaps, to ensure your business’ continual growth.

Imagine if Your Business had…


Imagine the relief when you’re finally able delegate all those projects and reports to us. We’ll take those nagging “should do” items off of your plate so you can focus. 

• Financial Reports
• Tax Planning & Preparation
• Special Projects


Get real-time, accurate financials created for you on a regular basis, so you can make those complex business decisions with more confidence and less stress.

• Monthly Financial Statements
• Budget to Actual Reports
• Updated Forecasting Reports
• Cash Flow Analysis


It’s all about partnership. We join your in-house team, fill in any gaps within bookkeeping and finance (at any level) to ensure your business is running on all cylinders.

• Monthly Calls
• Ad hoc calls & emails as needed
• Video Conferencing
• On-Site Visits (for TX-based clients)

Experience the UPSIDE CFO Difference

Find out why so many companies trust UPSIDE with their business’ financial growth and security.

Dan Francis

We can now focus more on what makes us money! I’m enjoying more golf instead of getting bogged down by bookkeeping details. Brian took charge of creating categories that made sense for our business and made accounting less complicated. He is always easy to get ahold of and quick to answer our questions. Working with UPSIDE has freed us up!

Dan Francis
Stepstone Realty
Lisa Edwards

Our previous accountant was unfamiliar with creative real estate transactions. I felt we were vulnerable to errors. We appreciate UPSIDE’s ability to work online and handle things for us with ease. I have more time and freedom with our bookkeeping taken care of.

Lisa Edwards
Happy Heart Homes
Debbie Hartzer

Our financials weren’t ready to apply for bank loans. UPSIDE matched our needs, listened well, and acted fast. I got CFO and Controller expertise for my team. Now my P&L and Balance Sheet are correct and my CPA has what they need to do taxes. We now have less stress and a better understanding of our financials.

Debbie Hartzer
The Legal Connection
Ken Corby

Our company was growing rapidly and we needed to get our books and records in shape. We chose UPSIDE CFO because right from the start they showed a prompt response time, expertise, and a can-do attitude. Our implementation went extremely well.

Ken Corby
Cobra Legal Solutions



  • MAKE DECISIONS WITH CONFIDENCE – whether it’s signing a new office lease, taking on a new hire, or determining what expenses to cut; you can make those decisions with more assurance.
  • GAIN PEACE OF MIND as you hand off those nagging “should do” items and projects you’ve been too busy to get to.
  • PLAN AHEAD FOR ANY MAJOR SHIFTS in the business with real data and forecasting reports.
  • LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY TO AUTOMATE and streamline business operations, saving both time & money.
  • KNOW WHEN TO EXPAND YOUR TEAM as your business grows. You don’t want to hire new talent too early and then have the burden of swollen payroll obligations. We help you forecast, so you know when to hire someone, and what reasonable parameters need to be set to protect your business.

Get Expert Advice

You deserve a proactive & responsive team.
With UPSIDE CFO, we are always there when you need us most!

“17 Steps to THRIVE During a Financial Meltdown”

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“3 Cash Flow Headaches You Can Prevent” (and How to be Proactive)

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Let’s Take Your Business To The Next Level

Becoming a CLIENT of UPside cfo services is as easy as 1-2-3

1 – Schedule a Call

We’ll talk live to understand your goals, business stage, and needs.

2 – Get a Customized Plan

We’ll dive in to assess your books, then recommend what monthly or quarterly collaboration best serves your business and what that plan will look like.

3 – Watch Your Business Grow

Our UPSIDE CFO full-service team walks alongside you at each step to implement the plan, streamline processes, identify opportunities, and grow your business.