What is a virtual CFO

Every owner of a growing business reaches a point 
when they can’t do it all themselves anymore.

Before wasting more time and resources, bring in our team as your virtual CFO

Before wasting more time and resources, bring in our team as your virtual CFO

You can have a growing business and still feel your finances could be in better shape! Most fast-growing businesses are under-resourced for the financial mastery they need. You may not have the space or resources in your organization to support a full finance department, and you may not realistically need that level of support long-term!
Upside CFO Services
A virtual CFO provides the expertise of a financial officer combined with the flexibility of virtual contractors and the personal attention required by business owners whose financial concerns go beyong company balance sheets to personal financial planning.
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At Upside CFO, we also serve as a Family Office Director, with all the benefits of Family Offices that are usually reserved for only the highest echelons of generational wealth.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls of outsourced multi-layered financial management that is too often siloed across business management, bookkeeping, tax preparation, wealth management and household budgeting – creating gaps in your strategies that cost you real money every day.

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We take a holistic approach to your finances, honestly assess your needs, and work with you at a level that meets those needs, whether for one quarter or for years.

Upside CFO Services | Replace Your CPA if They Aren't a Good Fit

If any of the following sound familiar, you may be in need of a virtual CFO:


  • You’re in a moment of change for your business or personal wealth, from a boom in profits or the purchase of a new business, and are confronted with business challenges that are suddenly orders of magnitude more complex
  • Business has increased, but you can’t seem to stay ahead of your cash flow, while bills and orders stack up
  • Your bandwidth is stretched to the breaking point, and long-term financial planning always drops while you deal with today
  • You have a sneaking suspicion that your CPA is missing opportunities to save you money as they simply file your returns year after year.

Finances, taxes, bookkeeping, financial planning, and personalized CFO services are our speciality


Our experienced and versatile team has-or will find-the answer to any financial question you may have.

We’ve seen it, studied it, overcome it, and want to pass on that knowledge to you!

Custom strategies, for your
unique needs


Perhaps you aren’t sure if you’re paying yourself enough, or maybe too much? Perhaps you need a reamp to take your financial operations from focused on the now to prepared for the future. You may need ongoing bookkeeping and tax planning help, or simply a one-time jolt to reorganize your business and yourself for success with actionable data, weekly cash reports, and a strategy for the next quarter or year.

Before you waste more time worrying or commit to monthly services you may not need! let us take a holistic look at your business and needs.

Upside CFO Services
When we begin working with our partners, we kick off with our 3-month Financial Blueprint process – a deep dive financial assessment with our Virtual CFO team that will restructure you for success and help you figure out the level of support your team needs: whether that’s ongoing services, quarterly consulting, or a one time project.
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We’ll measure your profitability and stability, offer proactive and actionable solutions to your financial issues, and provide our expert advice on the many ways to increase profitability, save money, take advantage of tax laws, and secure future company growth and personal financial health.

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Let Upside CFO take your financial strategy down to the studs and remodel with a Financial Blueprint that is purpose-built to your needs.

Getting started with Upside CFO

As your virtual CFO, we’ll start by conducting a deep-dive financial assessment of your business, designed to provide you with full transparency and an accurate financial outlook that will help you make smarter financial decisions, learn where to improve, and ultimately increase your profitability and secure long-term growth.

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Over our first 3-months together, we’ll apply our expertise in finances, taxes, bookkeeping, financial planning, and personalized CFO services to bear on your complete business and personal wealth position. We don’t just point out problems–we offer creative and forward-thinking solutions.

At the end of our first 3-months, your Financial Blueprint will:

Ensure you understand every detail of your financials, from pre-tax profit to salary caps and owner pay

Identify potential points of failure in your financial position–and tell you how to fix them

Highlight creative ways to save money through tactics from streamlined processes to comprehensive tax planning

Provide you with concise and actionable financial data every owner should have

Make sure you don’t just see a report, but understand how we make decisions, assess risk, and apply to you the same advice we follow

From there, you decide when and how to make changes and what level of support you need from Upside CFO on an ongoing basis.

All the knowledge and benefits of a chief financial officer with the flexibility your business needs.

Once you’ve submitted the form below, we’ll reach out to talk specifics. If we’re a good fit, we’ll begin work on your customized diagnostic report to strengthen your immediate and long-term financial foundation.