financial blueprint

Before WASTING PRECIOUS RESOURCES, let US measure your profitability and stability, while also offering proactive & actionable solutions to solve your financial issues.

Are you a growing business, but feel your finances could be in better shape? Perhaps you aren’t sure if you’re paying yourself enough, or maybe too much? Are you receiving any forward-thinking advice, weekly cash reports, or actionable data to help make better decisions? Or maybe you just trust everything is going smoothly, but aren’t exactly sure if things could be better? There are numerous ways to increase profitability, save money, plan for, and take advantage of tax laws, along with securing future growth.

As an owner, you are aware of the need to hire & delegate parts of the business that may not be your strong suit. Perhaps that part of the business is the bane of your existence, or your time is better spent bringing business in the doors. Finances, taxes, bookkeeping, financial planning, and personalized CFO services are our specialty, and this blueprint was designed to highlight issues and offer solutions to any financial concerns you may have. It’s easy to point out flaws – offering creative and forward-thinking solutions to those problems is much harder, but not for us. Our experienced and versatile team has, or will find the answer to any financial question you may have. We’ve seen it, studied it, overcome it, and want to pass on that knowledge to you!

Before committing to a monthly service that you may not even need, give our Financial Blueprint a try. It’s a deep-dive financial assessment into your business, designed to provide you with full transparency and an accurate financial outlook, helping you make smarter financial decisions, learning where/how to improve, and to ultimately increase your profitability and secure long-term growth.

We identify and rectify potential points of failure, ways to save money, streamline processes, and provide you with concise and actionable financial data every owner should have. Not only does our report provide you with digestible financial transparency, but it also shows you how we do things and the value we add.

The goal here is to understand your financials, and to provide you with the actionable insight necessary to increase profits.

Below are a few key items covered in our assessment that have a massive impact on your profitability, success, and scalability. Once you’ve submitted the form below and we get a chance to talk specifics, you’ll receive a customized diagnostic report designed to strengthen your immediate and long-term financial foundation.

1. Pre-tax Profit

What should my margin be? Every business owner wants the answer to this question. Margins vary by industry, company size, employee count, etc., For that reason we recommend focusing on pre-tax profit.

2. Salary Cap

If you pay attention to sports at all, you know that the salary cap is a part of the culture. In leagues like the NBA and NFL, each team has the same amount of money to work with, yet some consistently out-perform others.

3. Owner’s Pay

Owner’s pay is a huge area that distorts the actual performance of the company. Many owners are not sure how to pay themselves or if they are paying themselves enough.