TAX blueprint

if you aren't tax planning, you're just leaving money on the table. you need a service that understands how to plan for the future, not just respond to the present.

In order to break the status quo and get the largest return possible, you have to consider that most CPAs and tax firms are primarily focused on tax preparation, not planning. Tax planning is what generates actual ROI. Let our Tax Blueprint asses your personal and professional wealth picture and provide you with a winning tax strategy, guaranteed to save you thousands. This diagnostic report will show you how to solve any tax problems you may have, create a custom strategy that will take advantage of all relevant tax codes specific to you, how to prepare for upcoming changes, along with the means to apply those strategies. 

As an owner, you are aware of the need to hire & delegate parts of the business that may not be your strong suit. Let us utilize our 30+ years of tax & financial expertise to customize an ingenious tax plan that will flawlessly transition your business to the next level and add an unexpected revenue stream. Our simple 3-step “Diagnose, Prescribe, and Fill” methodology helps you compare tax planning to a doctor’s visit. 

  1. We identify (Diagnose) any tax problems you may have
    2. This is where we solve those problems with forward-thinking and personalized tax plans (Prescribe)
    3. Finally, we put our best tax experts on the job to implement (Fill) those strategies and file your taxes

Before committing to a CPA or tax service that only understands tax preparation, give our Tax Blueprint a try. It’s a deep-dive tax assessment into your full wealth picture, designed to provide you with a custom, forward-thinking and actionable tax plan that will save you thousands, and ultimately help secure your long-term growth. You need a service that understands business and not just how to crunch numbers. You need someone who understands how to plan for the future, not just respond to the present. We’ve seen it, studied it, overcome it, and want to pass on that knowledge to you!

Below is our easy 3-step process that guarantees your taxes aren’t just paid, but provide actual ROI. Once you’ve submitted the form below and we get a chance to talk specifics, you’ll receive your customized tax blueprint. From there, we will schedule our first strategy meeting to discuss immediate and long-term results.

1. Diagnose

What are your tax problems? We need to diagnose what tax issues you have or what could potentially affect you in the future.

2. Prescribe

What will solve your tax problems? This would be the delivery of your Tax Blueprint, along with a strategy call to go over our strategies.

3. Fill

This is where our expert tax experts implement the new tax strategies, file the paperwork and actually deliver your final results.